There’s something really special about Smith Mountain Lake! History says the lake was designed to join the area’s best natural resources (the Roanoke River and the Blackwater River) into one body—additionally fed through connections with nearby tributaries, creeks and streams.

If you think of the community of people who live at the lake in those same terms, it’s such a lovely metaphor! People come to the lake from all over, and each one brings something special to contribute to the community. Certainly, the lake’s natural beauty makes it an attractive place to be, but it’s the people of Smith Mountain Lake who make it magical.

Our goal is to connect readers with the resources they need to create their dream home. We strive to present content that is both useful and inspirational—that perfect balance of “practical and pretty” that’s never out of reach.

We’ll offer you solutions for various landscaping challenges common to the lake’s unique terrain, and explore your options for making affordable updates to your home.

We have some fresh ideas about ways to feed and sleep a crowd of visitors…and how to entertain them! (You’ll definitely want to check out our article on “dream docks.”)

It’s a small world at the lake and we’re thrilled to introduce you to some of the lake’s most colorful characters—folks who have moved here, jumped right in and started making a difference. They’ve graciously opened their homes for us. We know you’ll be smitten!

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