Create a Beautiful Focal Point in Your Kitchen

Gone are the days of clunky, unsightly kitchen appliances! Nowadays, there are many options for the design and materials for the staple kitchen appliances in your home, and the range hood is no exception. 

While some people prefer to keep the range hood minimal and discreet, others choose to make it a focal point and create the kitchen’s overall aesthetic. If you are planning a kitchen renovation, or simply looking to add a bit of flair to your cooking space, a dazzling range hood might be an unexpected place to start. 

Design and styling
There are three main styles of range hoods: under cabinet, wall mount and island range hoods. No matter the style, range hoods all serve the purpose of providing ventilation. These appliances pull smoke, grease and other cooking fumes out and away from your kitchen while circulating clean air back through the room. 

You can get creative with different design concepts and materials to find the perfect style of range cover for your home. Let’s discuss a few range hood options that offer bold shapes, sleek designs and unique materials. 

  • Tiled. A tiled hood is a fun, modern way to showcase an otherwise primitive kitchen. You can either use the same tile as your backsplash for a seamless continuation of pattern and color, or try a tile with a different shade or a mosaic design to add a more unique character. 
  • Brass. While some may think this material is a bit too flashy or trendy, a brass range hood is actually quite nice and adds a warmth and depth of character to your kitchen. Paired with brass kitchen hardware for cohesion, this timeless range cover makes a bold statement without being too gaudy. 
  • Copper. A classic choice, copper adds instant warmth to the kitchen. You might also choose to go with a zinc option with copper bands. 
  • Wood. Warm and inviting, a wooden range hood adds a nice earthy touch. If you love the modern farmhouse aesthetic, try a shiplap board to cover your range hood for a bit of rustic charm. Or, if farmhouse design isn’t your style, you might like to try a tambour-style hood. This hood gives a warm and eclectic mid-century modern feel. With contrasting brass hardware and finishes, your kitchen will feel fun and inviting. 
  • Color. Don’t be afraid to add a bold pop of color with your range hood. A striking color can draw the eye and stand as the focal point in an otherwise neutral kitchen. 
  • Box shaped. While many hoods remain curved, box shapes are also trending, especially in metallic finishes. 
  • Exposed duct. Choosing to expose the range duct may seem off-putting at first, but it can give your kitchen some interesting lines and a robust industrial aesthetic. You can choose to leave the duct in stainless steel, or maybe a matte black finish, or even try a bright color to make it evident that you are purposefully showcasing this feature. 
  • Cylindrical hood. This sleek design feels fresh and modern. It’s a great option for someone who is going for a more minimalist look, or wants to show off a beautiful tile backsplash. It’s shape is novel enough to make heads turn, without being overbearing in its design. 
  • Downdraft range hoods. This minimalist option stays level with the countertop when not in use and rises up to the cooking area when activated. It’s especially helpful for kitchen islands. 

Cleaning tips
While range hoods are designed to keep your kitchen clean, they can’t magically make all of the gunk disappear. Over time, all that excess splattered grease can build up on your hood; that’s why it’s important to clean them regularly. 

Unlike the filters in the vent that can be taken out to clean or replace, your range hood will probably need a bit of elbow grease to cut through grime. To clean your range hood, start with cleaning around the filter area and the lights (if you have them). Using warm water and a mild dish soap, immerse a sponge or cloth into the solution and wring out any excess water. Then get to work wiping down the dirtiest parts of the hood. 

If soap and water don’t cut it, you might try something a bit stronger like a vinegar and baking soda solution or a degreaser product, such as Krud Kutter or Simple Green. When cleaning please be mindful of the material of your range hood. You don’t want to use anything abrasive on metal finishes that will leave scratches or a solution that will tarnish the finishing of the hood. It’s always best to do your research and carefully read the product labels before cleaning. 

Whether you’re ready to add something different that’s bright and punchy or you simply want a refresh, there are myriad range hood options to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.