On Trend | 10 Home Design Looks You’ll See this Year


Ready to refresh your nest? We’ve picked through designers’ blogs and Instagram feeds to pinpoint some of the most outstanding home design trends for 2020. From furniture and fabrics to kitchen cabinets, here are 10 trends we’re most excited to try this year.

1. NAKED WOOD. After years of slathering our wood furniture, cabinets and trim with paint, we’re starting to see the return of simple, straightforward wood in all its natural brown glory. Whether rustic antique dressers or modern raw wood cabinets, wood can add warmth and timelessness to any space.

2. VERTICAL WALL PANELING. Not to be confused with Joanna Gaines’ horizontal shiplap obsession, vertical wall paneling heightens walls and opens up smaller spaces while lending a modern vibe. We especially love paneling as a budget-friendly alternative to a tile backsplash.


3. SCONCES. When creating a lighting scheme in your home, sconces pull double duty by adding pleasing layers of light and oodles of character. We love them in obvious spots like above bedside tables or above vanities but also in dining rooms, hallways, and above open shelving in the kitchen. Some of the most current looks include micro bubble sconces, sculptural fixtures and long-arm sconces.

4. SQUARE TILE. Rectangular subway tile will never go out of style, but square tile is just different enough to add a modern edge to your space.

5. COLORFUL KITCHENS. From bright yellow to soothing sage green and rich navy, we’ve seen kitchens cropping up in all colors of the rainbow. This trend is one that definitely has an expiration date, but we love it nonetheless.

DESIGN_trends46. VELVET. Channel a chic Parisian apartment by incorporating a bit of velvet into your home with a headboard, banquette or sofa. Not ready to commit to something big? Start with velvet throw pillows, a bedspread, a tufted ottoman, or floor-skimming drapes in your dining room.

7. GREEN. From deep hunter green to peppy mint, green is a color we’re seeing time and time again on walls, furniture and home accents.

DESIGN_trends58. POLISHED NICKEL. Brass is still in style, but if you’re looking for hardware and fixtures that stand out, try polished nickel. The look is significantly more attractive than dated brushed nickel, but has a warmer look than chrome. Another option we love: matte black.

DESIGN_trends69. ELEVATED PRAIRIE STYLE. Sick of farmhouse style? Try the elevated prairie look instead. As coined by designer Emily Henderson, it’s a little bit rustic and traditional but with a clean, minimalist twist. 10. MAXIMALISM. If you’d rather just go in the complete opposite direction of the farmhouse/ prairie style, embrace your maximalist side with bold prints, clashing patterns, and vivid colors. There are no rules here; have fun with it! It’s your home, after all.