Donna Dunn

In recent years, the search for peace and calm in the world seems to have intensified. So it shouldn’t be surprising that a number of studies have been published during this time pointing to the health benefits of living on the water. While the reasons for this are still being evaluated, I think most of us intuitively know the effects on our own hearts and minds. 

I recently read a Real Simple article that quoted Sanam Hafeez, a New York City-based neuropsychologist and faculty member at Columbia University. He eloquently summarizes, “Humans love being around water because something about it is inherently calming. Perhaps for some, water takes them back to their youth; to swimming in a pool, lake or ocean. Bodies of water have a dream-like quality to them, much like clouds, and allow us to see different shapes and imagine limitless possibilities.” 

Isn’t that one of the most joyful elements of lake living — or visiting? Finding the space to imagine limitless possibilities and enjoy the calm of the water. Our 2024 edition of Smith Mountain Lake HOME explores some of these possibilities. 

First, there is the opportunity for adventure. We dive into the relatively new watersports of wakeboarding and hydrofoiling. You’ll also find myriad recommendations for discovering new favorite spots in Lynchburg and Roanoke if you’re looking for a museum, art gallery or gastro bar. While you’re out and about don’t forget your snackle box — we’ve got some fun tips and tricks that the whole family will enjoy. 

Next, we imagine the possibilities within our homes. We offer inspiration from four gorgeous lake homes with different personalities and lifestyles. Each owner has a story to tell, and you get to see how it has influenced their design and home improvement choices. 

We also share the best of outdoor living. Living at the lake offers so many fun options for entertaining and relaxing with a fire pit or pool. And don’t forget the pool house! We even share some options for creating privacy around your outdoor living spaces. 

With so many reasons to love Smith Mountain Lake — whether it’s for a wild wakeboarding ride or a chill afternoon by the water’s edge reading a good book — make more time for its picturesque landscape and hospitable neighbors. You’ll be glad you did! 

“A lake is a landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.” 

Henry David Thoreau

Donna Dunn