Great Gadgets | Add Fun and Function at the Lake

As idyllic as life on the lake has already proven to be, there is always room for enhancement. When it comes to entertaining, cleaning and making the most of your lake house, we always want to find ways to make things easier. Here are a few fun devices to help maximize your time spent having fun.

BARTESIAN. For those who would rather spend their happy hour enjoying a cocktail instead of making one, an on-demand cocktail maker like Bartesian will act as your personal bartender. Similar to the coffee-making Keurig, Bartesian uses capsules filled with the necessary ingredients to make dozens of classic cocktails. Simply stock your Bartesian with water and your preferred brands of base spirits like vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin and rum. Once a capsule is inserted, you can select the desired strength of your drink, ranging from mocktail to strong. Bartesian will even suggest glassware based on your drink selection. ($349.99 at Bartesian)

THERMACELL CAMBRIDGE MOSQUITO REPELLENT LANTERN. The infuriating presence of mosquitos will make us try anything to avoid them, but citronella candles and torches don’t always get the job done, and many people are wary of chemicals in bug spray. The Thermacell Cambridge Mosquito Repellent Lantern circumvents those issues by providing a scentless, flameless area of protection with a flip of a switch. The LED light also provides soft ambient light for nights spent on your patio or deck. (Starting at $29.99 at Thermacell)

HAMILTON BEACH BREAKFAST SANDWICH MAKER. When you have a full day planned, breakfast needs to be quick and easy. A breakfast sandwich maker provides a hearty and delicious meal in under five minutes before starting your day out on the water. The Hamilton Beach option offers separate non-stick compartments for frying an egg, toasting your bread of choice, and easy sandwich assembly. Simply load your ingredients, close the cooking plate, and set a timer for a no-mess, restaurant-quality breakfast sandwich. Each piece is easily removed for cleaning and is dishwasher safe, but most reviewers claim that they rarely have to do more than give it a quick wipe down. This breakfast sandwich maker is available in a single as well as a double for those who want to make more than one sandwich. (Starting at $24.99 at Hamilton Beach)

DRILL BRUSH POWER SCRUBBER BY USEFUL PRODUCTS. When you’re busy having fun, the dull things in life, like cleaning, seem a lot less important. However, after years of dinner parties, tracking in mud, and general merriment, your lake house might be in serious need of some love. Brush drill attachments can cut down the time needed to scrub the parts of your house you have been neglecting. Kits by Useful Products come with three brushes of different sizes that attach easily to your cordless drill. They are available in varying degrees of stiffness, ranging from soft enough to clean glass and cars to tough enough for grills and ovens. (Starting at $14.95 at Amazon)

IGRILL MINI BY WEBER. A smart meat thermometer helps ensure a perfect meal without having to hover over the grill. The iGrill Mini by Weber, for example, connects via Bluetooth to your phone. Using an app, simply select the type of meat and how you would like it cooked, insert the probe, and walk away. When the ideal temperature is reached, you will receive an alert on your phone. The iGrill will stay connected up to 150 feet away, so you can enjoy your time with family and friends instead of worrying about dinner. (Starting at $49.99 at Weber)

ACURITE DIGITAL RAIN GAUGE. For those who want to track rainfall with the highest degree of accuracy, a digital rain gauge will get the job done. On the AcuRite Rain Gauge, a digital display shows measurements for the amount of rain in a single rainstorm, a day, or a full week, allowing you to plan for your garden’s needs. Alarms sound when it starts to rain and if there is a strong possibility for flooding. The rain collector empties automatically, eliminating inaccurate measurements due to overflow. It updates every 60 seconds, so you will always have the most detailed and correct rain data. ($39.99 at Acurite)

IP BIRD FEEDER CAMERA. One of the best things about living on the lake is the easy coexistence with nature. This bird feeder camera helps you get to know your feathered neighbors a little better. The camera connects wirelessly to your smart device, giving you access to live videos of bird activity at your feeder. The camera will send you messages when birds have landed in front of the camera, so you never miss a visitor. ($128.98 at Green Backyard)

WATER SPORTS LIGHTED BOCCE SET. Enjoying a good game of bocce any time of day is possible with an illuminated bocce set. A set by Water Sports includes eight LED-light balls and a marker, and has an on/off switch to conserve battery life. With these, everyone can continue the fun outside, even as night descends. ($49.99 at Amazon)