Meridith Ingram

EDITOR_MaridithIngramIn challenging times, many of us find solace in nature. Experts agree that fresh air and sunshine can help soothe all manner of ills. Here at Smith Mountain Lake, we have abundant opportunities to connect with the great outdoors; perhaps that is why so many have sought refuge here during the coronavirus pandemic. Smith Mountain Lake is a great place to socially distance!

We are excited to offer you our annual issue of Smith Mountain Lake HOME, where you’ll find ideas and inspiration for making the most of your home and your time here at the lake. You’ll meet four local couples who generously opened their stunning homes to us; I’m sure they would all agree that their lakefront retreats have provided joy during a particularly challenging year. (You can catch two of them during the SML Charity Home Tour October 8–10! See our article about the tour.) We also offer features on hot kitchen trends and outdoor lighting schemes, complete with input from local experts, to inform your big home projects inside and out.

Living in such a scenic locale, many SML residents have landscaping projects on their perpetual to-do lists. In this issue, learn what plants you can incorporate to address lake-unique landscaping issues like shoreline management and erosion. You’ll also be inspired to create an easy container garden using only foliage—keep it leafy, keep it simple! Weeds got you down? Consider natural alternatives to controlling these lawn invaders. And just for fun: add a swing to your outdoor space to while away a pleasant day. We’ll show you the options.

If your days include entertaining family or friends on your quaran-team, you’ll enjoy recipes that help you feed a crowd with ease. Take a tip or two from our article on celebrating milestone birthdays at home—or any birthday, really! All this partying may inspire you to evaluate your dining area; our article on dining table designs will help you find the style that’s best for you. If guests are sleeping over, you’ll appreciate our article on bedding that offers tips on styling beds for comfort and easy maintenance.

Though we’re sure you don’t need to be convinced, you can also read about why so many love to call Smith Mountain Lake home in our article highlighting the reasons this is one of the greatest places to live. We hope you have many opportunities to go outside, and to enjoy your home, the lake and all the area has to offer.

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Meridith Ingram