On Trend | 10 Home Design Looks You’ll See this Year

Ready to refresh your nest? We’ve picked through designers’ blogs and Instagram feeds to pinpoint some of the most outstanding home design trends for 2020. From furniture and fabrics to ...
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Bottoms Up! | Creating a Home Bar

The bar is a crucial element to pulling off home entertaining and can make your house the coolest one on the lake. Whether you are having a big bash with ...
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Mulch Matters | The Many Benefits for Lakeside Landscapes

Mulch offers a host of landscape perks. In the warmer months, it helps prevent weeds and slows evaporation, thereby conserving water. In cooler months, it acts as a blanket against ...
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Pathways | What to Know for Lakeside Footpaths

The pathways around your home aren’t just about getting from one point to another. They can and should be a beautiful part of your property’s design. But with all the ...
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Antique, Vintage And Used… Oh My! | Shopping Secondhand for the Home

Vintage furniture and decor can add much-needed character to a home, giving your space a collected and worldly feel. By decorating with items you’ve purchased secondhand, you also are helping ...
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Fun And Games | Ditch the Electronics and Unwind with Old-School Fun

Time at the lake is a chance to forget the stresses of everyday life and connect with friends and family. If you’ve noticed that the only connection is through the ...
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